Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keep on Trucking
Review: The Trucker

Is your little one obsessed over just one toy or theme that drives you crazy?  In The Trucker, by Barbara Samuels, one mother endures reading after re-reading of her son’s favorite book plus trucks at every moment from finding truck in her oatmeal to being used as a human construction set covered with vehicles.  She knows that her son is a trucker at heart, but a mom can only take so much, right?  Finally mom decides to take her little boy for a walk in the neighborhood intent on finding new interests.  When Mom tries to show flowers, the boy spies a garbage truck.  When she thinks he might warm to a new cat, he still isn’t interested.  Even when the cat comes home, trucks are the star of playtime.  The fun, albeit predictable, twist comes when the cat joins the boy in playing and turns out to love trucks too.

The book is fun from start to finish.  It’s a delight to read with pictures of the exasperated mother sitting in an overstuffed chair reading about tropical vacations while her son obsesses over his trucks.  It’s so believable and funny.  Like most toddlers, my Lil Guy has his own obsessions that drive me a little crazy.  (I mean, how many time can you put together and take apart Mr. Potato Head?)  I think parents will giggle and laugh at the book right along with children.  Especially if your child likes trucks and anything on wheels, you will enjoy this book and so will your child.  Author/Ilustrator Barbara Samuels won me over with mom-approved illustrations and a story that charmed me and my Lil Guy.

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