Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Crocodaddy

Crocodaddy by Kim Norman and illustrated by David Walker is one of those books that we fell in love with at my house.  A rhyming story about a young boy whose imagination makes him believe that his father is a crocodile, this story is charming and sweet.  The illustrations are beautifully done to show a father and son playing in the water, but cleverly showing a croc’s body (sometimes with dad’s swim trunks and shadow).  The rhymes are perfect with splashes and roars punctuating a rhythmic day at a good old swimming spot.

There is just a lot to love about this book.  It may not win awards or get on any best seller list, but it’s a treasure to read, especially if you are a father reading to your son.  My Lil Guy loves to laugh about this one with his dad.  There is something about the book that makes the reader feel like they are in on a secret, which is fun and gives a sense of confidence to the youngest “readers”. Maybe it’s also the beautiful pictures of a young boy spending quality time with his dad that also make this book appealing.  Either way, I recommend Crocodaddy to fathers and sons, families who value quality time, reading books, and sharing a laugh.

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