Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review: Fake Me a Match

If you are in the mood for a sweet book with middle school kids who have middle school insecurities, mild drama, and charming characters, I have a suggestion for you.  Fake Me a Match is the perfect read for middle school girls who always wish they had a sister, best friend, boyfriend, or classmate who was a real and sincere friend.  Author Lauren Barnholdt really knew her audience for this book and catered the story to appeal to girls who might think a lot about friendships and boys.  There really isn’t anything wrong with that, in a book like this.  

Avery has friends at school, but things haven’t been the same since her former best friend dumped her and became part of the popular crowd.  Her situation at home might give her a solution when her mother is remarrying and Avery gains a step-sister, Blake.  Blake can be a little aloof, but also has her sweet moments too.  So, when Avery has the chance to fix Blake up with her crush, Avery can’t resist.  That’s when everything seems to go wrong: the crush has his eye on someone else, Avery is caught in the middle of a school scandal, and Blake becomes close with Avery’s ex-best friend. 

This book includes a little bit of something for everyone including a wedding, school projects, parties, pets, first kisses, and student council.  This is exactly the kind of book I might have been interested in as a sixth grader.  The cover, to me, could have been just a bit more appealing to girls: c’mon, weddings, new sisters, and cute dog-loving boys.  The best you came up with was a cartoonish girl on a computer?  I hope it still can find its way into the hands of the 10 to 13 yr old crowd.  Otherwise this book was a win for me.  It will also be popular with middle schoolers looking for a tame but updated book about light middle school drama.

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