Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bun Bun Button Review

There is something magical in Patricia Polacco’s books.  She creates a special story that draws people into the words and pictures.  My very first years of teaching, I remember reading and falling in love with her work.  Always popular in classrooms, Polacco writes for children’s imaginations, but also connects with adult readers.  Her writing and messages are mature enough for middle grades, but innocent enough to make readers of all ages smile and imagine along with the characters.  This is what we love about Ms. Polacco and her books.

Bun Bun Button continues Polacco’s theme of childhood innocence with a story about Paige, a young girl who shares magical days with her grandmother.  The connection between the two is obvious as they share laughs, adventures, and a big comfy chair.  Grandmother adds a new friend to their special kinship when she introduces Bun Bun Button.  Bun Bun Button is the cutest little bunny with button eyes and a special ear that has the perfect place to put your finger as you nap or sleep. (What a great idea!) When Bun Bun Button goes on an adventure all on his own, Paige misses her little friend.  In the end Bun Bun Button has a fun adventure and returns home to her little girl, just a little worse for the ware. 

Beautiful as always, this book was lovely.  I did enjoy the story, the illustrations, and the author’s note about a little girl bringing Ms. Polacco a Bunny during a book signing.  I wonder how primary students feel about reading about about such a young girl, but the story will hopefully reach them, teach them, and spark imagination as always.  Perfect in the classroom or reading on a big comfy chair with your grandmother, this book is a classic Patricia Polacco for libraries and classrooms.

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