Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who's Who

 What’s cuter than a cuddly little bunny?  Two cuddly little bunnies! Baby Animals are always cute, especially when they are in pairs.  Who’s Who, written by Ken Geist shares animal twins in this short and sweet picture book.  First we meet twin cows, then bunnies, bats, fish, and owls.  The owls may be one inspiration for the title, Who’s Who, but it’s probably a commonly heard phrase for young (especially baby) twins who share common features and look alike.  “Oh, your twins are adorable! Now, who’s who?”  I thought the title was very clever!

If you know twins, this book is a cute read aloud.  It showcases sisters as twins, brothers as twins, and also brother sister pairs.  The animals are adorable with the bunnies displaying the competitiveness that might come with being a twin, and the monkeys showing the playfulness of always having a friend your age right in your own family.  I also thought the bats wearing double batman style shirts were amusing, too. Recommended for ages 3-8 and for twins of any age.

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