Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bloggiesta Finish Line

It’s the finish line for Bloggiesta.  Bloggiesta is a semi-annual weekend for bloggers to devote time to their blog.  Some people use it as a time to play catch-up or work on some blog design ideas, other people network and take-on mini challenges, learning new blogging skills.  Everyone creates their own To-Do list and posts updates throughout the weekend.  So, this is my Bloggiesta finsh line!

Here is what I accomplished: 

New Blog Design.  I found and loaded a brand new design.  The owls are cute but I am missing some things.  I think I will try to stay with the owls until into the new year and then think about doing something more neutral.  I do really like the look though.  J  What do you all think?

Connecting.  I chattered a bit on twitter and visited a couple dozen websites, but just didn’t have the time to devote to this like usual.  I am always impressed with what other people do for their blogs!  I’ll keep participating in weekly memes to make connections.

Work Ahead.  My goal was 10 future posts scheduled and written.  I’ve gotten 6 finished.  I didn’t write my post about STEM, Literacy, and learning games or plan out my 100th post, but I will work on that soon.

To Be Read List.  I did list 5 picture books, 5 middle grade books, and 3 Young Adult books.  I just need to order some books from the library and I will be a reading machine!
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for hosting Bloggiesta.

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