Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Character Spotlight: Duck & Goose

For today’s character spotlight, we are meeting Duck & Goose, two lovable characters created by Tad Hills. Duck & Goose are both fun and silly, and they are best friends. Each of these books featuring this duo are sturdy board books with colorful illustrations, simple text, and laughable humor. All of the books follow similar patterns in text, very predictable and easy to read. Along the way, you will also meet Duck & Goose’s friends Thistle and Bluebird who are just as cute and sweet.

My Lil Guy loves Duck & Goose. This series was one of the first books he felt comfortable holding and ‘reading’ on his own. (And that was a big accomplishment!) As you read the dialogue between the two friends, you can’t help but read with a expression, even my Lil Guy says, “Come On, Goose!!” at the end of the Christmas book. The opposites book and feelings book are great examples of how an author should tackle these topics for little ones. The opposites are clear and have the cutest pictures that match each pair, same with the feelings. I love the feelings book too because my Lil Guy is starting to develop a vocabulary to really express himself. Being patient is a virtue that every mother of a two year should hope for, right?

Duck & Goose are perfect storybook friends for toddlers. Reading one book or all of the books in the series, these books are a must have for a little one’s library. I should also mention that author Tad Hills has another book in the series coming out this coming spring, so those of us who are already fans have something to look forward to from him.

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