Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Zoozical


ZooZical is a new picture book written by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Marc Brown.  This is the type of book that screams to be picked up and shared with children.  Those of you who love Marc Brown will really enjoy the illustrations too.  This hardcover is big and bright, so are the characters.

It all starts when the zoo animals get into a funk.  They don’t have any visitors and are in a bad mood.  When one little hippo and one little roo start jumping around, the other animals catch the excitement.  Soon there is singing, dancing, and a full-on musical.  The visitors start showing up and before you know it the animal funk is gone!  It’s a great voyage to go on with this zoo full of animals. The music is adorable too.  My favorites were: “Oh My Darling Porquipine”, “For He’s a Jolly Gorilla”, and of course “The Seals on the Bus”.  I admit I laughed out loud as I read this to my Lil Guy and he enjoyed the book too.  He was interested in the illustrations too.

This book is going to be an instant classic on my shelf.  I enjoyed it for the first read and I know that I will enjoy reading it again and again.  I think the book has wide appeal for all who love picture books.  I love, love, love the illustrations and think others will like it too.  I want a big groups of children sitting on a rug in front of me next time I read this one; it’s that kind of book.

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