Monday, March 26, 2012

Reading Everywhere, Everyday

I try to always carry a few books with me.  It’s like books are my addiction, and the thought of being without one is a little scary.  Being a mother to 3 year old Lil Guy, I also try to have a supply of book for him.  My purse totes an e-reader fully stocked with adult novels, YA books, a few kids picture books/easy readers, and interactive books for toddlers.  We have book baskets in all our cars, we also stuff diaper bags, backpacks, overnight bags, and even lunch bags with books.  Our shelves are overflowing as is my nightstand.  We simply can’t get enough books.  While I do spend a lot of time reading, I also find that I can read just about anywhere, in many situations.  I thought I would share some of them here on the blog in a cumulative list. Anyone who wants to add to my list of Reading Places, add a comment and I will add your ideas to the end of the list.
I will start with 10 places My Lil Guy and I have been reading lately:

1. Reading in Bed:  I read laying in bed at bedtime almost everynight with my Lil Guy, but I also read before bed on my own.  Since I have a backlit e-reader, I can even read in the dark!

2. Read while on the Phone, waiting on hold for Customer Service.

3. Read at the Library:  Sometimes I can’t wait to read a book I just picked up off the shelf.  With Lil Guy, sometimes we will read arm fulls of books and return them before we even leave the library.

4. Read while waiting at the doctor’s office.

5. Read in the car: If it doesn’t make you too queasy, reading the car is a great way to pass the time as a passenger.  My Lil Guy will check out book after book after book occupying himself on longer trips.

6. Read while sitting in your potty chair. Enough said.

7. Read in a lawn chair while watching your children playing: This is absolutely my summertime joy.

8. Read on a blanket, under a tree. 

9. Bring a book for little ones to read during church.

10.  Read as you have your private lunch: While it’s a luxury these days to find myself alone at a meal,  there is something comforting about bringing a lunch companion to the table in the form of a great book.

There is my start to the list.  I would love to hear about places you find yourself reading, your favorite places to read, or maybe even places you wish you had a book to pass the time.

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