Friday, March 30, 2012

Bloggy Book: Little Blog on the Prairie

In the world of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and cell phones, it seems like everyone is ‘socially’ connected, especially teens (and now even pre-teens) .  For this reason, it’s sometimes fun to read a story about a teen that is disconnected from technology in the modern world.  That’s the case with Little Blog on the Prairie about 13 year old Gen whose family is spending the summer at an 1800’s inspired fantasy camp.  Gen’s family will have to fend for themselves and work together to survive.  Reality hits when the family eats a steady diet of watery grits and beans for the first week.  Gen also doesn’t appreciate having to share a bedroom with her entire family, being the one responsible for scraping the greasy film off of the dishes, or missing soccer practice, modern necessities, and her friends.  When a stow-away cell phone becomes Gen’s link to her friends and the outside world, she un-knowingly becomes a mini-celebrity creating daily anecdotes about prairie life.

This book was sweet, sweet, sweet.  It’s a very solid tween read with just enough conflict and drama to connect with early YA readers.  I liked the premise of the book so much, I was actually hoping for more blog entries, more pioneer drama, and maybe even a bit more romance.  (The romance is very very mild.) But, tweens will eat this up.  Recommended for Grades 5-8.

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