Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Sam the Zamboni Man

Even though spring has arrived across much of the U.S., it’s still hockey season to sport lovers like me.  We still have a few games left in our ticket package, plus a solid month of the NHL, plus playoffs.  Since my Lil Guy at age three has become a hockey fanatic, we always are on the look-out for fun hockey read alouds.  I didn’t even open the book Sam the Zamboni Man before I put it in our bag to take home from the library.  The book looked old fashioned with 80’s style lettering and a scribbly teal and red front cover.  I thought at the very least I would find a connection for my Lil Guy to the Zamboni which cleans the ice during intermissions at our local hockey games.  What I found instead was a touching story, albeit a bit dated, about a grandfather introducing his young grandson to the sport of hockey.