Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Talking about Lisa Yee

 Although my blog may look like I have only been reading board books and short picture books, I actually have read some great MG and YA books.  I have also been forcing my husband to read some of these books with me, and in turn I have created a bit of a monster, since he has read some MG/YA books on his own. I guess, like many of us who never grew out of teen reads, he finds the genres well written, easy to get lost in, and perhaps just a bit nostalgic.  I admit, often as I read MG/YA books these days, I am thinking about how this book would have been received by myself as a teen.  Often I know the book would have been a hit, as with some of the cutesy, romantic, even drama filled books.  Sometimes, it’s the distance from childhood though, that lets me reflect on some of the lessons and themes in the book.

Back to the general idea today is sharing books that my husband suggested that I read.  I thought it would be best to get him to add his ideas about the books today too.  We are looking at books written by Lisa Yee.  From everything I could read about Yee from her blog, website, and from her content in her books, it appears that Yee is a less than apologetic humorist with a bit of a geeky side.  I think my husband might have a bit of a crush on her too, given her ability to make him laugh out loud.  I first recommended that he read Warp Speed since the main character is a Star Trek kid who is an outcast dealing with bullies on a daily basis.  My husband moved onto Yee’s  first set of books, starting with Millicent Min, Girl Genius.

So, you must have really liked Warp Speed?

Yes, I did.  As a long time Star Trek fan, I loved all the Star Trek references!  There were also references to star wars and comic books.  I may not have been in AV club myself, but I had a few friends that fit the mold.

Would your teen self have liked this book?

Sure.  I would have it, you know back when I was in junior high, there were far less references to Star Wars/Star Trek in books.  Just in general it was difficult for me to relate to books with main characters who were popular and atheletic.

What kind of books were you drawn to as tween/teen?

Well, in junior high I read mostly non-fiction books about history, baseball, and some biographies.  By the time I was in high school I started reading adult novels about Star Trek and Star Wars.

So, were you a big reader in High School?

I read magazines, newspapers, and lots and lots of comic books.

Oh, yeah I could see that.  So, tell me what made you want to read more from author Lisa Yee?

I really enjoyed Warp Speed and as I was finished, I checked on the internet and saw that Warp Speed was part of a series of books which originally told the story of 3 students in the summer before 7th grade.  Warp Speed had some of those characters, so I was interested in the backstory.  Plus, I liked Lisa Yee’s humor and style.

So, you enjoyed finding and reading the rest of the series?

Yeah, so far.  I still have to finish So Totally Emily Ebers.

Did you think the books were geared specifically for girls or boys or had universal appeal?

I think the books had universal appeal.  Millicent Min, Girl Genius would probably be more accessible to girls.  But, with that story, I was just really intrigued by the story of her being a genius and socially awkward too.  I wasn’t in the same situation, but I was in some gifted classes and could relate to some of what she was going through.

That’s interesting.  So, overall how do you feel about being an adult reading YA/MG fiction?

To me it’s fun and nostalgic.  Plus, a good story is a good story no matter the age level.  Given the shorter books and lower reading levels they are also easy to pick up and quicker to get into.  I will keep reading YA/MG books, as long as you keep giving me good recommendations.

That’s some pressure on me.  Thanks for helping with the blog today. 

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  1. I just have to update here and mention that Lisa Yee stopped by the blog and left me a nice tweet on twitter. Well, actually she left my HUSBAND a geeky tweet. Great to connect with authors. :)