Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Easy Reader Reading
Review: Gus Gets Scared

Gus Gets Scared by Frank Remkiewicz is an easy reader book for the very young. With only 65 short words this sweet book is about a rhino boy who feels adventurous enough to spend the night in his brand new tent. Each page offers hand-drawn and charming illustrations by the author, Remkiewicz, whose illustration style you might recognize from his other popular works including the Horrible Harry and Froggy series. The book is labeled as Pre-1which is suggested for pre-school and kindergarten age students.

You might think a book with only 65 words would have a difficult time telling a complete story, but in Gus Gets Scared we get to meet not only Gus, but also his family. We learn much about him from the adorable illustrations and his short adventure. One page shows young Gus carrying a flashlight and sleeping bag into the tent; Gus has his head held high, but is obviously struggling with the task as his tongue is sticking out a little to the side in a face full of concentration. I have to admit this drawing tugs at my heart-strings since I see this look often on my Lil Guy’s own face as he attempts difficult tasks.

My Lil’ Guy likes this book a lot and at age 2 he even ‘reads’ some of the pages independently. Also as we read the book, he also can retell the story and can tell the points where Gus gets too scared. The book isn’t scary either. It’s only a cute little owl making sounds that makes Gus gets too nervous in his little tent in the backyard! One of the things that makes easy reader books like this so popular is that they are inexpensive, lightweight, and (as the name denotes) easy to read. I know that anyone looking for a simple easy reader will fall in love with Gus the way we have! Remkiewicz is publishing several other books about the little rhino, Gus, and I am going to be sure to pick those up too.

*I nominated this book in the Easy Reader Category @ Cybils.

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