Monday, October 24, 2011

Four Worded Wonder
Review: Orange Pear Apple Bear

Orange, Pear, Apple, Bear is an artistic new board book from author Emily Gravett.  The book is simple and sweet.  At first, I wasn’t sure how Lil Guy would take the text which consists only of the four words: apple, pear, orange, and bear.  Sometime the words are used as nouns while sometimes the words are adjectives (or words that describe).  One page shows an orange bear while another shows a pear (shaped) bear.  The combinations are clever and imaginative with sweet hand-drawn and water-colored illustrations.  The illustrations are all set on plain white backgrounds in muted colors which only add to the imaginative feeling of the book.

My Lil Guy enjoyed this book, being able to name the pictures, he felt like he was reading it himself.  I am sure the earliest of readers would be able to independently enjoy this book as well.  My Lil Guy, at age 2 liked the pictures and was satisfied with the ending as well.  (The bear makes a snack of the apple, the orange, and the pear.)  The book was well worth the look.  I have heard good things about the author and I think Iwill have to check for more books by Emily Gravett soon.


  1. My kids really like her book, The Odd Egg. Surprise ending and interesting book design.

  2. I will have to check that one out. Emily Gravett seems to have a lot of fans, glad that her book caught my eye.