Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Books Worth a Second Look

Since my last edition of Books Worth a Second Look I did finish (and reviewed) The Duff, I also read The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  I continue to read (and enjoy) parts of Anna and the French Kiss. The real story here is that I got caught up in a book that wasn’t motivating me to read.  For whatever reason, I was stuck about half-way through Bumped.  The story was interesting and I think it would have appeal to teen girls.  I just couldn’t suspend belief enough to finish the book.  I hate putting books down, but after reading Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer, I know I have permission to put books down and I am sending this one back to the library.  Now I am ready to choose a new book!  Here are a few books on my To Be Read pile these days:

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
I was already excited about this book after reading several reviews.  I saw the huge displays in the bookstores too.  By huge displays, I have to say that the book itself is HUGE!  I was a little overwhelmed at the idea of reading that huge of a YA book.  I finally set my sights on the book at our local store and decided to pick it up.  Opening up the book was like a treasure!  I quickly read through the first five or six chapter and realized the book was exciting and a new literary experience.  I am ready to read this book and get lost in the story!  I also wonder if we'll be seeing more books with this fascinating half pictures, half story format.

Smile by Raina Telgemeier
This quirky graphic novel has me thinking that maybe (maybe!) I would enjoy this book.  I am not only intimidated, but also unsure about graphic novels.  I don’t even know how to read them!  Do I scan the page and pictures first?  Do I read the dialogue boxes in a certain order?  I feel like a thirty something year old virgin when it comes to reading graphic novels!!!  So, I have heard good things about this book and I feel I am ready to take the plunge!  I may not have worn orthodontia, but I had many other awkward things in my middle school years!

Bigger than a Bread Box by Laurel Snyder
Love, love, love the concept of this book.  I want it in my hands!  I have read enough reviews to be 100% intrigued by the plot.  Here is what I hear about the book: The new girl in town (love it) is dealing with difficult family situations when a little magic (love it) comes her way.   What’s not to love about this book?  This book screams to be used in the classroom, right?  I am excited to read this book and review it for others, so it’s a front-runner on my to-be-read list.   
The Friendship Doll by Kirby Larson
Here is another admission from me:  I played with dolls until it was embarrassing.  I remember writing about making my own doll clothes in middle school which garnered laughter from my classmates.  I don’t keep dolls in my house now or have doll-like collectibles being a parent to a Lil Guy who likes balls and books more than anything.  (Yes, I tried gauging his interest in dolls, but he doesn’t really care for them.  Even at his grandmother’s house where the toy baskets have a bit of everything, he ignores the dollbabies.)  Anyway, I heard about this book which focuses on dolls sent as a symbol of friendship from pre-WWII Japan to girls in the United States.   I like the connections between the 2 countries, the time period, and the concept.  I hope I would enjoy the book as well.

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