Friday, October 14, 2011

Non-Fiction Fix
Review: Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?  is Susan A. Shea’s first novel.  The book is illustrated by Tom Slaughter.  The book sets out to ask readers which items grow and is tailored for children who know they are growing bigger.  The book features items like bear cubs, baseball caps, stools, and fox kits.  The text on each page is structured as rhyming text.  Children will enjoy answering the questions such as:  Does a car grow to become a truck?  (Children really like answering questions like this.)  Each page also offers a lift the flap that show the item growing bigger.  

Much like other picture books that offer questions that readers can respond with yes or no,  My Lil Guy at age 2 loves to shout Yes or No to these predictable questions.  He enjoyed this book and he always enjoys opening lift the flap books.  At age 2, I prefer board books for lift the flap books for him.  We are pretty much past ripping of pages, but board books are just more durable!  The illustrations by Slaughter are bright and color, appealing to preschoolers and toddlers, but also to the art minded parent.  The bold shapes and intense colors kind of remind me or Henri Matisse’s paper cut outs.  (What do you think?)

Matisse's Jazz (1947)
This is a book that thinks outside the box.  It was unexpected to find a non-fiction book with such captivating illustrations that will also engage little ones.  I look forward to more books from this author and illustrator Slaughter.  I could see this book being used for an elementary science or art class.  I know Lil Guy will enjoy reading this one multiple times.

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