Monday, April 2, 2012

Even More Books Catching My Eye

Here are a few YA/MG books that have been catching my eye and are currently on my To-Be-Read list.  I have already started a few and others I have put a hold on at the library.  Some are new and some are older, but each caught my eye via blog buzz, reviews, twitter chatter, or word of mouth.  Here is the run-down:

13 Little Blue Envelopes  I’ve started this book on my e-reader and have enjoyed it so far.  It’s sweet, sentimental, and adventurous and I like that!  I also am happy that it has a sequel, which will probably be read soon too.  Author Maureen Johnson is very easy to read and has a few other books I will look into too.

Take a Bow I absolutely adore Author Elizabeth Eulberg’s first 2 books, so this book being on the list is no surprise.  In fact, as I have written about before, it was Ms. Eulberg who was one of the major inspirations for me starting this blog.  I was kinda hoping for an ARC of this one, but it looks like I will buy myself a copy. I am thinking of getting the paper copy so that I can share it with students, of course.

Anna and the French Kiss  This book has been on my To-Be-Read list forever!  I am embarrassed to say just how long, but for one reason or another I just keep pushing it down the list.  I’ve read over 100 pages into it, but at this point it’s still on the list and when I go to read it, I will start at the beginning to regain momentum!

The Mighty Miss Malone Generously, Mr. Schu of Watch.Connect.Read is sending me a copy of this book.  I entered and won a contest on twitter from @MrSchuReads.  The book is written by Christopher Paul Curtis whose other novels are amazing and inspiring.  Also, as historical fiction, students love these books.  It looks like The Mighty Miss Malone has similar legs and will become a classic like Curtis’s similarly themed books.  I am excited that in this book we have a young female protagonist.  Can’t wait to receive this one in the mail.

Future of Us and 13 Reasons Why Both books by Jay Asher look interesting.  Future of Us is what really has me buzzing though.  Imagine that 20 years ago you turned on your home computer (a very old-school one I am sure!) and found your own facebook page, 20 years into the future.  All the connections, details, comments, and interests form the basis of Asher’s book.  I was thinking I would read this and then maybe get my husband to read it too.  Also, I haven’t read anything by Asher yet but he is so much fun on his blog, I had to try something of his!

Breadcrumbs This book has so much interest.  I have seen it reviewed on countless blogs and including on list for best children’s books of the year.  I am positive I will enjoy it especially because it’s a modern fairy tale of sorts.  Modern versions of fairy tales are so much fun!  I already have this one from the library, so I plan to read it this week.  I promise you will see my review soon.

Just a few others, case you were wondering:

So, that's my YA/MG read in my To-Be-Read list.  How about you?  What are you planning to read next?  Share what is at the top of your list with me!


  1. Wonder is very good, and a quick read. Highly recommend :)

    1. I requested it from the library. Last I looked I am 40th in line. Hope there are some fast readers ahead of me!