Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Even More Great Places to Read Everyday, Everywhere

I started this series about a week ago, looking for great places to read and ways to find extra time in your life to read … You can find details for the first 15 here and here.  Here is a review:

1. Read in Bed.
2. Read while on the Phone, waiting on hold for Customer Service.
3. Read at the Library.
4. Read while waiting at the doctor’s office.
5. Read in the car.
6. Read while sitting in your potty chair.
7. Read in a lawn chair while watching your children playing.
8. Read on a blanket, under a tree.   
9. Bring a book for little ones to read during church.
10.  Read as you have your private lunch.
11. Read on your commuter train ride
12. Read while waiting for water to boil/cooking in the kitchen.
13.  Always, always, always bring a book when you are visiting relatives, especially in-laws. 
14.  Read on a Plane Ride.
15. Read while you are waiting for the movie to start at the movie theatre.  

Thanks to Jen Robinson from Jen Robinson’s Book Page who shared these ideas:

16. Listen to audiobooks while doing chores around the house.  Jen mentioned folding laundry and cooking, I might try this while dusting and cleaning this weekend.  Anything to make housework a little more pleasant!

17. Listen to an audiobook while driving in the car.  I have tons of friends who do this to make the commute pass quickly; I am looking for the perfect book now to give it a try.

And some more ideas I been thinking about:

18. Turn off the TV and read.  One night a week (or more) turn off the TV and have personal or family book time.  My Lil guy loves to be surrounded by piles of books on the couch.  He will sit and read reclining on one side of the couch while I recline on the other side.  It’s a peaceful 20 or 30 minutes that I cherish.

19. Read in the bath.  It’s so indulgent to take a bath with a book.  While my e-reading habits don’t really promote this habit, for those of us who enjoy a nice soak, a book can add to a relaxing experience.

20. Read in bed (part 2). Many of us read before we fall asleep, but how many of us read before we get out of bed in the morning.  There is something about the morning that peaceful, especially after a goodnight’s sleep.  It might be a challenge to some of us, maybe after we’ve woken up a bit and brushed our teeth, or after we make the bed for the day, we should relax with a book before starting our day.  I know many of you are not convinced, but perhaps it’s a challenge you can attempt. 

So now we are finished with numbers 1 to 20.  Hopefully next time around I am going to look at how you can "pretend like you are doing something important when really you are actually just finding an excuse to read in peace".  Later I will explore how to build extra time with books into your family schedule and then finally how children can capture extra reading time at school.  I really have enjoyed this series of posts and hope to keep up with more ideas.  Please leave YOUR ideas in the comments and I will add them onto the list.  Thanks.  :-)

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  1. I have two hours of commute time every day and I love passing the time with an audiobook. Most often I will listen to a book I have previously read and really enjoyed. I am currently in the middle of the Harry Potter series. It's been a long time since I ready these books and I am rediscovering so many details that were left out of the movies! Best yet, as audiobooks tend to be pricey I have found them all either used or at my library.