Friday, April 13, 2012

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss is loved by many readers of YA.  It’s won awards, it’s gotten awesome reviews. It sounds sweet.  It looks sweet.  It has to be sweet, right?  I am pleased to say I finally read the book and every single page of the book was fun and sweet.  I just can’t tell you if I loved the book so much because of the writing or because of the storyline, but I enjoyed it so much, I was just left wanting more of the likable cast of characters.  Come on, couldn’t you see the students at SOAP (Anna’s Paris American School) each having their own awesome storyline in a YA book of their own?

Anna is on her way to Paris to spend her senior year at a French boarding school.  When she arrives she finds she is the only new student in her class.  She is introverted, but finds some true friends including a charming American boy with a French name and a British accent.  Oh, American boy with French name and British accent also has a girlfriend.  Anna takes solace in the fact that she kinda has a guy at home too.  While Anna is dealing with French class, a new culture, an overwhelming city of light, and this gorgeous guy, she truly does find real friendship.

I just have to recommend that all YA and romance readers read Anna and the French Kiss.  It’s a fast read, very fun and sweet.  The romance is just this side of innocent, but quite believable as a teen love.  As a writer, Stephanie Perkins speaks to her readers like they were friends.  She speaks a language that includes pop-culture and history, music and style, friends and family, sexy and sweet.  She’s won me over and I’ve already added Lola and the Boy Next Door to my To Be Read List.  Highly Recommended !!

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